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With over a hundred commercial clients serviced under our belt, Mid-Town Mechanical Services is ready to provide an extensive commercial plumbing service to properties all over downtown Little Rock. Currently, we manage over 10 million square feet of plumbing on over 100 different commercial properties. Be it commercial plumbing system installation or commercial plumbing repair, our clients trust us to keep their plumbing in tip top shape.

Our Commercial plumbing services revolve around the maintenance of pre-existing plumbing. If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for somebody to inspect your current plumbing, Mid-Town Mechanical Services is your best bet. We’ll take a look at your property’s existing plumbing, and make recommendations of where to proceed. We can repair and replace existing pipes by sealing cracks and leaks, or replacing whole pipes. We offer the following services

We offer solutions for both commercial plumbing services and commercial construction, read below for a break down of these different products:

Commercial Plumbing Pipe Repair

Commercial Plumbing Pipe Replacement

Commercial Construction

While commercial plumbing services focus on pre-existing plumbing and more isolated incidents, commercial construction focuses on more ambitious commercial projects. Specifically, installing plumbing on brand new commercial properties or remodeling the plumbing of several rooms on an existing property. Our services are tailored fit for your needs. We assess your existing property to take a look at how much plumbing you require before we get started. From there, we make an estimate based on how much it will cost and how long the project will take. We perform the following types of commercial construction:

Commercial Plumbing Installation

When you’re building from the ground up, commercial plumbing installation is critical towards making sure that you have a livable space. We’ll help you install your plumbing!

Commercial Plumbing Remodeling

Over time, plumbing erodes and becomes less effective, this is especially true on commercial properties. We can assist you with large scale plumbing remodeling to make sure everything is functioning at optimal capacity.

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In our commitment to deliver efficient commercial plumbing services, we work closely with general contractors to perform all plumbing needs necessary. Contact Mid-Town Mechanical Services for your commercial plumbing project!
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